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If you are using git-gui to manage your Git repositories, you may be perplexed that you can’t find support for tags anywhere. If that’s you, then you might also be overjoyed to learn that tagging support is actually part of gitk, git-gui‘s sister app.

To create a tag, open the repository and branch you want in gitk. An easy way to do this is to use git-gui‘s Repository > Browse xxx’s Files menu items. Then in gitk, right click on the commit you wish to tag (on the actual text, not any labels) and select the Create tag from the context menu.

Once you get that sorted, you might next be perplexed that when you push your repository to the remote origin, tags don’t go along for the ride. That’s because, “By default, the git push command doesn’t transfer tags to remote servers.”

You can remedy this with some command-line foo. I have used the shell command:

$ git push origin --tags

to push all tags in a local repository to the remote.

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