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How do you pronounce "Python"?

If you are Turkish and your name is “Can”, it should be pronounced the same whether you are in Turkey or the United States or China or wherever. This is because “Can” is a proper noun. “Python” in the context of programming languages is also a proper noun. However, many Turkish speakers pronounce it as though it were a type of snake.

So, here's the deal: I'll let you pronounce “Python” as though it were a type of snake as long as you think it's ok if I pronounce the name “Can” the same way I would say the word used to identify a tin cylinder typically used to package food.

This then leads to the question: Should “Python” be pronounced the way it would be pronounced in Dutch (Python's inventor is from Holland), the way it would be said by a Brit, or the way it would be said by an American?

I don't care. Just don't call it “piton”, because as far as I know that pronunciation fits none of the above.

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