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A roughly reverse chronological list of some projects I have worked or am working on, small and large.

2016–present. An alternative architecture for building desktop and mobile apps using web technologies.

Programming Fundamentals with Processing
c.2016–present. An ongoing attempt to complete an alternative sort of intro to programming text using the Processing language.

On JavaScript
2013–present. A series of blog posts focusing on the quirkier aspects of JavaScript.

Just Enough JavaScript
c.2014–present. A crash course in JavaScript designed to teach you just enough JavaScript so you can start to program games using open source HTML5 game frameworks.

enchant.js fundamentals and enchant.js more examples
2014–present. Resources to support my introduction to game programming classes.

Loving the Penguin
2007–present. Blog focusing on desktop Linux and related FOSS topics. (Moving soon to a new home.)

GPA Calculator
2017. Responsive tool for the GPS LifePlan.

GPS LifePlan
2015–2017. Responsive redesigns for higher education guidance website. Design, architecture, and implementation. With Stephen Kelly.

2016. JavaScript (ES5) micro front-end library for binding MVC-ish widgets to API endpoints.

2015. Arduino library for creating pseudo-asynchronous timers with start and stop actions.

2014. Acceptance testing and BDD with bash.

Android VM Manager
2014. Desktop application that makes launching Android-x86 Virtual Machines and connecting them to the Android Debug Bridge convenient.

2010–2014. Programming environment designed to satisfy the pedagogical requirements of introductory Java programming courses.

2008–2014. Rich and usable Linux desktop system based on Debian capable of running on performance-crippled hardware.

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