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A Taxonomy of Progressive Rock Forms

The ballad jam

Starts as as ballad and evolves into a jam. The jam is typically heavy. Often reprises the opening theme.

  • Trilogy
  • Thirty Years
  • Can Utility and the Coastliners
  • Take a Pebble

The extended ballad jam

Like the ballad jam but epic. The jam is definitely heavy.

  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Freebird
  • Starless

The suite

Lots of seemingly unrelated bits strung together. Can have explicit movements or not.

  • And You and I
  • Karn Evil Number 9
  • Supper's Ready

The instrumental

No words spoken.

  • where to begin …

The drone

Typically instrumental. Literally a drone or drone via repetition.

  • Alaska (opening)
  • Aladdin's Bolero ⇒ or should there be a “The crescendo” class?
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