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Burning the Arduino bootloader with PA-328d

The following was tested with Arduino 1.8.5.

You'll need:

  • A 5V USBtiny-compatible AVR programmer similar to this one. The Adafruit USBtiny should work too but isn't tested.
  • A tabbed 6-pin IDC cable. One typically comes packaged with the USBtiny-compatible board.
  • A populated PA-328d PCB.
  • One or more ATMEGA328P-PU ICs that you want to burn the Arduino bootloader onto.

Configure the USBtiny-compatible

  • Make sure the jumper in the upper left corner is installed.
  • Plug the tabbed 6-pin IDC cable into the receptacle.

Configure the PA-328d

  • Plug the tabbed 6-pin IDC cable into the ICSP receptacle.

Configure the Arduino IDE

  1. Under Tools > Board: select Arduino/Genuino Uno.
  2. Under Tools > Programmer: select USBtinyISP.

It doesn't matter if a sketch is loaded in the editor.

Burning the bootloader

Plug the USBtiny compatible in to your computer via USB. Then for each ATMEGA328P-PU you want to burn the bootloader onto:

  1. Insert the ATMEGA328P-PU into the ZIF socket and lock the latch.
  2. In the IDE, select Tools > Burn Bootloader and wait a few seconds for the process to complete.
  3. Unlock the ZIF socket and remove the ATMEGA328P-PU.

Repeat the above as needed for additional ICs.

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