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Nokia 5110 displays and classic Arduinos: speed test

Summary evaluation

For more general information on this display, see this.

One might expect this 84×48 display with 1 bit color depth to be updateable pretty quickly even with a torpid Uno/Nano/Pro Mini, and indeed it is. The bad news is that it's still a bit of a memory glutton. Most of that is probably the data for the lovely fonts. Lunches are never free.


I used U8g2 with a Nokia 5110 display and a 3.3V 8 MHz Arduino Pro Mini. The module came from an Asian source. This one has white LED illumination. Some have blue.

The frame update time of 100 ms (the inverse of the fps noted in the source code) is respectable, and character change artifacts are not objectionable. The frame update time is expected to halve with a 16 MHz board, but there are no 16 MHz 3.3V boards, so that means you'll have to complicate things a bit with level shifters. Memory use is 42% of program storage and 24% of dynamic memory.

The glare on the edges is an artifact from the four LEDs used to backlight the display. In real life the arifact doesn't appear as glare, but it is clear on inspection that there are four sources of illumination.

source code

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