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Configuring Netbeans for Arduino Development

My current favorite tool for developing non-trivial Arduino projects is Netbeans with C++ support. This documents my setup.

The tool collection

I use Arduino-Makefile to do the actual building and NB for coding support. I won't cover using Arduino-Makefile here as that's its own thing. So assuming you have Arduino-Makefile working on the command line, the next thing you'll want to do is set up a new tool collection in Netbeans for Arduino along the lines of the figure below:

The Makefile

When creating a new project, use a Makefile that looks something like the following:

# Project config
ARDUINO_LIBS = SoftwareWire AsyncTimer
BOARD_SUB = 16MHzatmega328
MONITOR_CMD = screen-wrap
# "Platform" config
ARDUINO_DIR = $(HOME)/opt/arduino
ARDMK_DIR = $(HOME)/Build/Arduino-Makefile
# Include parent Makefile from <>
include $(HOME)/Build/Arduino-Makefile/

Code completion

While your setup should be working now, NB will be shouting at you a lot about things not being defined, etc. That's because you need to add code completion directories to the tool collection. Do this on the Code Completion > C++ tab of the tool collection dialog.

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