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 +====== How do you pronounce "​Python"?​ ======
 +If you are Turkish and your name is "​Can",​ it should be pronounced the same whether you are in Turkey or the United States or China or wherever. This is because "​Can"​ is a proper noun. "​Python"​ in the context of programming languages is also a proper noun. However, many Turkish speakers pronounce it as though it were a [[https://​​wikipedia/​tr/​wiki/​Piton|type of snake]].
 +So, here's the deal: I'll let you pronounce "​Python"​ as though it were a type of snake as long as you think it's ok if I pronounce the name "​Can"​ the same way I would say the [[http://​​index.php?​word=can|word used to identify a tin cylinder typically used to package food]].
 +This then leads to the question: Should "​Python"​ be pronounced the way it would be pronounced in Dutch ([[http://​​~guido/​|Python'​s inventor]] is from Holland), the way it would be [[http://​​index.php?​word=python|said by a Brit]], or the way it would be [[http://​​search/​python|said by an American]]?
 +I don't care. Just don't call it "​piton",​ because as far as I know that pronunciation fits none of the above.
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