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Setting Up

Installing Processing

Processing is available for all major desktop operating systems (macOS, Windows, and Linux). To install Processing go to the Processing download page ( and select the appropriate version for your computer.

There is more than one version for Windows and Linux! Make sure you get the right one for your computer.

On macOS, the archive is a standard app bundle, so install it the way you normally do.

The Windows archive is TODO.

On Linux, decompress the archive, open a terminal, and run the script inside the archive.

Running Processing

One you have successfully installed Processing, start the Integrated Development Environment (or IDE, the place where you'll write and run you code) using the usual means you do so on your computer. Look for something called “Processing IDE.”

The first time you run the Processing IDE, you should see something similar to the following.

In the text entry area with the flashing cursor, enter the following:

rect(20, 25, 20, 50);

Don't worry if you don't understand the text. Just type it in very carefully. This is where you will write your Processing program statements.

Once you have done that, click on the right-pointing arrow in the round circle (the Run button). After a few moments you should see a new window.

To save your work, go back to the IDE, select File > Save or File > Save As… from the menu bar and give your program a name. By default, Processing saves your programs into a folder called “sketchbook.” (The exact location of this folder depends on your operating system. On macOS, look in FIXME and on Windows in FIXME.)

Inside the “sketchbook” folder, the Processing IDE will create a new folder for each of your Processing programs. So, if you gave your program the name “foo”, you will see a folder inside your sketchbook folder called “foo”. And if you look inside the folder called “foo”, you'll see a file called foo.pde. That is your actual Processing program. To reopen it, click on File > Open… in the IDE, navigate to the *.pde file, and select it.

You are now ready to start developing Processing programs.

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