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Configuring OpenVPN for Mullvad with Network Manager

The following doesn't work, I suspect because update-resolv-conf in the downloaded archive isn't being executed.

  1. # apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome
  2. - # apt-get install resolveconf
  3. # service network-manager restart
  4. Download the configuration files for OpenVPN per the section “Linux General (follow these steps for all Linux dists)” at and expand the archive.
  5. Click the Network Manager notification icon and select VPN Connections > Add VPN Connection …
  6. Select OpenVPN as connection type and click Create.
  7. Give the connection a name and use the following for credentials and configuration 1)
    • Gateway should be
    • User Certificate ⇒ the file mullvad.crt
    • CA Certificate ⇒ the file ca.crt
    • Private Key ⇒ the file mullvad.key
      • The Private Key Password is only required if the Private Key is encrypted, if you don't have a password probably it is not needed.
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