Arduino support for Komodo Edit

Komodo-edit with Arduino support

I’ve added basic Arduino support to Komodo Edit for projects that use a Makefile. This simply involved adding a menu and a toolbar for invoking make, make upload, make monitor, and make clean.

If you want to add the menu and toolbar to your Komodo, expand this file and drop its contents into your /home/<username>/.komodoedit/<version-number>/tools directory or the equivalent on your OS. (Update: see this comment for a potentially easier way to add the tools.) Add your preferred keyboard shortcuts for any or all of the commands by editing the items under “Arduino” in the Toolbox. I’m using F5 to Build, F6 to Upload, and F7 to Monitor.

To enable syntax highlighting on .ino files, add a new entry for *.ino files in Preferences | File Associations and set the Language to C++.

This setup gives me a good set of features I want, including the ability to:

  • Edit files with a full-featured programmer’s editor.
  • Perform the most used operations with keystrokes or GUI bits.
  • Create projects to encapsulate all relevant project files.
  • Navigate to all relevant project files from within the same environment.
  • View the results of building, uploading, and cleaning the project in the same environment.

Features notably absent are syntax checking and code completion. Komodo doesn’t currently parse/compile C/C++, so adding these features may be possible, but it won’t be easy.

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