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I got a last-minute opportunity to teach an introduction to game programing course for people with no programming experience. I decided to base it around an open source HTML5 framework*. When I started looking around for a crash course with which to build basic JavaScript programming skills, I found none that were appropriate. Hence, Just Enough Javascript was born.

I’m creating it as a just-in-time resource for the course. There a little bad-but-expedient practice in there, but it’s working quite well for the course so far. Each page is resource-complete in itself—meaning you can download just a single HTML document and later view it without a live Internet connection.

I would love to hear any feedback about it.

* I considered enchant.js, Phaser, and melonJS. There were pros and cons to each, but I ultimately went with enchant.js because I like it’s event-driven nature (better reflects how JS “should” work) and it has a smaller (and therefore less intimidating for beginners) API.

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