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Why aren’t you on GitHub?

Only one of my 20 or so public repositories is currently on GitHub. The remainder are mostly on Bitbucket. I am seriously considering moving my public Git repos to Gitorious. Why, when everyone and their mother is shoving heaps of … Continue reading

18. March 2014 by Mithat Konar
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Git again

I’ve finally gotten around to using Git instead of Mercurial on a project. So far it has been uneventful. I still prefer Mercurial because it treats all OSes as first class citizens and because I think the CLI is cleaner. … Continue reading

08. June 2013 by Mithat Konar
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Gradually going Git?

I’ve been using Mercurial along with Bitbucket for project hosting for quite a while now. I’ve also grown quite fond of EasyMercurial to help manage my repositories. However, I have started to wonder if I should consider using Git as … Continue reading

05. August 2012 by Mithat Konar
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