AVA remote controlled preamp chassis

AVA “SLR” remote controlled preamplifier chassis

A recent chassis redesign project I undertook for Audio by Van Alstine is now in production.

This project pushed “constraints as creative resource” to the limit. The client specified that the design language and elements from the product’s predecessor be maintained — down to the knobs, faceplate treatments, and typography.

The project brief revolved around bringing the client’s preamplifer platform up to functional parity with current market offerings, within a framework that fits with the client’s existing and somewhat idiosyncratic manufacturing capabilities. The result is a platform that is much more capable than what it replaces yet easier for the client to build. It is also amenable to comprehensive appearance changes if and when the client deems the timing is right.

So while it might not seem there’s much innovation on the outside, there is a lot of innovation for the client on the inside. Many thanks to AVA.

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